Recipe Improvement: Frozen Strawberry Chia Pie

What happens if we release a recipe…
And then find out later a better way to make it?
Well…this is the MySeeds Test Kitchen after all, so of course we improve & then re-release the recipe so everyone can get the maximum enjoyment. We’re not afraid to say when we make things that can be improved, and the case of the Frozen Strawberry Chia pie is an excellent example.

Sure, the original pie was good…or it wouldn’t have gotten into the Recipe of the Month Club Mailer. However, it wasn’t as good as it could be, so now with some new ingredients & a new method or two, we’re giving this one an overhaul. It’s still got the same super strawberry flavor (maybe even more now!) but it looks better than ever.

Previous recipe:
Pro: Crust always stays crispy thanks to cool chocolate method
Con: Pie freezes too hard in certain freezers/becomes impossible to cut into
Pro: Frozen strawberries let you make it any time of the year
Con: Used a lot of dairy
Con: Pie looked pretty plain/average

New recipe:
Well, see for yourself!


It’s got 2 layers of strawberry goodness: a sorbet layer on the bottom & fluffy meringue-like layer on the top. The chocolate-crust method is still in full effect, and the sorbet layer is super easy to make. (Can you blend? You can do it!) There are 2 ingredients here that keep it smooth & creamy so it won’t freeze super hard/you should always be able to cut into the pie with relative ease.
The fluffy layer adds some sophistication, and there’s no dairy here. (Then what’s the secret of this fluff?) The only dairy in the pie now is the plain yogurt.

Want to make this pie?
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But what if you already got the ‘old’ recipe?
Just let us know! Drop us a line from the email at MySeeds , and we’ll have a link to this recipe ready for your in-box. Now it’s a real can’t-miss, don’t let this recipe slip by if you enjoy the taste of bright, sweet strawberry!

Chia as a Co-Star? Why Not, in Pumpkin Season

Everyone knows that Pumpkin is the star of the show in October.
Everything from ever-popular pumpkin spice to the glowing jack o lantern is here to showcase fall festivities with this giant orange gourd. There are a lot of things to like about pumpkin, so it’s easy to see why it’s October’s go-to food. It’s mild, it’s healthy, and there’s a lot you can do with it, both sweet and savory. The bright orange color also helps, as does canned pumpkin making it so easy & appealing to use.

But how do you know something’s on the way up?
If it can co-star with the powerhouse food of the month…and chia is doing just that in this list of 5 Pumpkin Desserts to Crave This Fall. Each has the photo and recipe for you to try. There are parfaits, muffins & pumpkin pie flavored overnight chia oats. (This is smooth and creamy with your favorite pumpkin pie spices! It’s not a pudding, but a delicious breakfast)

Pumpkin is great for you:
It has an amazingly low calorie count per cup, holds its nutrition well during heating for canning, is high in fiber & loaded with carotenoids. You can use it to make certain baked goods lower in fat, much like you can substitute out some butter/oil with chia gel. It also helps fill you up because of the high fiber content. So, unlike the ‘hot dog of summer’ (hotdogs are traditionally not so good for you) the pumpkin is a welcome addition to the healthy table for fall.

Remember the Beyond Meat “Best Burger” MySeeds Test Kitchen post?
Well, Tyson Foods Meats must also see merit in these protein alternatives as it’s just been revealed that they’re investing in Beyond Meat too! As the burgers fly off the shelves, and reports say that more & more families are choosing a protein alternative at least 1 night per week, it seems like a real good investment. Remember: chia is a protein alternative too! It has complete protein like that found in meat, plus the omega 3 healthy oils of fish…but without the fishy flavor. Chia makes protein at breakfast easier, while these burgers are super for serving at dinner. Want to know more about the investment? The New York Times as the article on protein alternatives & it’s good stuff.


Going “Beyond Meat” With the Beast Burger

MySeeds Test Kitchen…tests again!
This time we’re going “Beyond Meat” with the Beyond Meat company’s “Beast Burger”. They say it’s the meatiest meat-free burger you can buy. But is it true? The MySeeds Kitchen decided to find out…the chia seed way.

What’s a burger without toppings?
Meaty or not, a burger is generally able to be enhanced with toppings. When we tried the Beast Burger, we wanted to have it plain, with some of the usual (tomato, lettuce) add mustard, ketchup…the usual stuff. Then, once you’ve had a taste you can think of what else might be good with it. In this case, a seasoned chia guacamole seemed to be the right pick. (Though, it did get hidden under the patty in the photo) We opted for sandwich-thins to be carb-conscious, and so as not to interfere with the burgers’ flavor by having too much bread.

So how was it?
First, take a look!beyondmeatburger
It looks meaty.
This product is in the frozen foods section. You get 2 burgers per box, they’re quarter-pounders though, so the size is pretty big/generous. They also have sliders made of the same recipe, but we opted for the burger for the true experience. These were also somewhat difficult to get. Whole Foods is the only retailer we can find to carry it, and they seem to sell out frequently. So get this when you see it!

It’s a tad costly: For 2 patties (that’s 1 box with 2 of these in there) it’s a little under 5 dollars. However, all new products tend to cost more than old staples, so it’s pretty much expected. If you’re a new vegetarian who’s hankering for beef…pick this up.

Upon opening the package, you can find ‘grill lines’ which is also encouraging. To cook, you can heat them in an oiled pan or press them in your counter-top grill. They also work on outdoor grills. (They DO live up to this! Many things that say they do end up falling apart on a real grill, but these are quite solid patties)

The best cooking method: Outdoor grilling
Whether you like charcoal or prefer propane, outdoor grills impart a flavor you can’t get anywhere else.

Method seen here: Indoor grilling
Indoor grilling works fine, the patties don’t get soggy or stick down to the grill plates. Notice the sheen on the patty–that’s a bit of oil. And you NEED oil! Plant oils in this case help with the flavor & texture. If everything’s’ free of oil or fats its dry and poor.

It DOES taste meaty.
Is it going to fool a carnivore? No. The texture is good, it’s not rubbery or falling apart like some veggie burgers. There’s definite umami going on here, and it has a good chew. It does not taste precisely like meat, but it does taste good & mild. You’ll want toppings though, it’s not “Beefy” enough to go without something extra to spice it up…but when you do…! It’s good stuff.
Here you can see a little lettuce, thin slice tomato, thin sliver cucumber and the chia guac under it all. You may not quite be able to regard it as ‘meat’, but you sure CAN regard it as a tasty dinner option anyway. If it’s not in the meat niche, it can be in it’s own area of tastiness with bbq sauce, guac, cheese, salsa, or anything you can think of. But you will certainly want to dress it up because it IS mild.

It’s costly, it’s umami, it IS the meatiest meat-free burger we’ve had and Beyond Meat is well on their way to success with this–especially if this particular item selling out multiple times is any indication. Try it? Yes! Go for it & then whip up some easy chia toppings to spice it up!


You’ve Heard of PB&J Now Try…AB&J!

You’ve heard of PB&J…
Now it’s time for the fun of AB&J! That’s Almond Butter, and it’s fantastic! Almond butter is a milder flavor than peanut butter. It receives spices a little better, lets fruit flavors shine through a little more & is generally not afflicted with as much HFCS. Even if you don’t like almonds…almond butter is worth a try. It doesn’t really have the “Exact Same” flavor as the nut, so even almond haters who wouldn’t eat slivers, chopped almonds or whole ones could enjoy the butter, or at least foods made with it. If you haven’t tried it, picking up a little jar of unsweetened, smooth raw almond butter is a good idea.

Almond butter is good for you.
It has more vitamin E than peanut butter, and you’re less likely to find it stuffed with high fructose corn syrup, salt, or sugar, unlike many PBs. Almonds are also good for cholesterol (fight it with their healthy fats) and beneficial for insulin sensitivity. Of course, like many nuts there’s the nice trace minerals, protein, and riboflavin. By switching from PB to AB, you’re certainly not missing out on nutrition.

How about a fun recipe?
Here’s the vegan, gluten free, fun-layered (and healthy!) chia “AB&J” spoonable snack cup! Have fun with colorful layers, or put it in a plastic lidded cup to take for lunch. You can make this recipe ahead of time, and enjoy it as a quick grab n’ go breakfast. The almond butter layer here is so soft, smooth and creamy. It’s made with almond milk too, and there’s a hint of cinnamon & vanilla. It pairs so well with the fresh fruity no-cook chia berry jam layers. There’s nothing overwhelming, it’s just a pleasant combination of tasty fruit and mild nuttiness.


For the berry layer:
1 tsp MySeeds Chia (dry)
1/2 cup mixed berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries from a frozen pack seen here)
1 tsp agave (sweeten to taste, berries vary in tartness-always check first)

For the almond layer:
3 tablespoons almond butter (unsweetened)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 tablespoon MySeeds Chia (dry)
1 cup almond milk (plain, unsweetened)
2 tbsp quick-cook oats
2 tsp agave OR honey
1/4 tsp stevia

To make the berry layer:
In your food processor or blender add the thawed berries and agave. Puree until fairly smooth. Stir in the chia and let sit uncovered in the fridge for the chia to thicken the mixture over night.

To make the almond layer:
In your blender or food processor simply add all the ingredients and leave them to sit for at least half an hour. You can put this in the fridge and let it go over-night too, it’s very convenient. The oats & chia will soak up the milk so they will become very smooth when blended. When ready to make, blend until smooth. A blender with sharp blades or a high speed will chop the chia seeds into little pieces along with their soluble fiber. You won’t get “Bumps of Gel” or texture. It’s supposed to be creamy!

Try this awesome layered fun breakfast/snack/dessert today!
It’s filling, gives you long lasting energy with the power of plants, and is super easy to make. Get MySeeds Chia and you’ll be on your way to tons of great recipes just like this one so Buy Chia Seeds now & grab your bonuses!

Food: Better Variety for Better Health?

Does better food variety (more variety) lead to healthier meals?
When you’re choosing from colorful fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and even mushrooms & whole grains it sure can! Eating the same thing all the time is not only boring, it’s worse for you. Even little sprinkles of new or different foods mixed in can have positive effects with micronutrients you might not expect. There’s the old standard “rainbow on your plate means better health” (meaning, a variety of foods on a single plate/meal) but being able to work in variety over the course of days/months by eating seasonally works too. Letting the seasons help with meal planning is great (and less expensive) but what about eating to get a particular result?

More protein in the day? Lowering cholesterol?
Can you still have variety if you’re going for one of these goals? Sure! And here are some lists (complete with recipes!) to prove it. When most people hear the word ‘protein’ they think either meat, or powders. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, and these smoothies prove it. There are lots of different protein sources for the different smoothies. Adding protein at breakfast is a good idea to start your day with more energy. It’s also the meal most likely to be unhealthy (sugary cereals, high fructose corn syrup ‘fruit juice’, loads of carbs, literal syrup, refined flour without much else (toaster pastry) & more) so having a quick, delicious, easy alternative with protein on hand is a good idea. Being able to shake things up with different flavors & protein sources is just the (sometimes literal) cherry on top.

There are no less than 34 recipes gathered here for your enjoyment!
Each has a photo, a protein source, and how much protein is included. (The answer is ALWAYS 8 or more grams!) The best part is, that if you want to add even more protein to anything, you can always throw in more chia. There’s even coffee-java for a real energy wake-me-up (Protein paired with caffeine for those who don’t want to miss the morning coffee)

Protein Variety With Chia Smoothie List

How about the cholesterol?
You’ve already heard about the oats and the green tea…but would you suspect…the radish? It’s true! Learn 17 other foods with this list that you can mix into your menu to help take down cholesterol naturally. (and colorfully! Red onion is here along with dark chocolate & bright colored apples) Naturally, chia is on the list too, because it lowers cholesterol in more than one way. First, there’s the healthy omega 3 oil. Then, there’s the fiber which not only aids in digestion, but also helps the liver produce more bile acid…which it must consume cholesterol to make. (So, essentially using up more of this on purpose/wasting it is very good) Again, you can use these foods in so many chia recipes (the spinach is great with chia dressing, chia fresh ginger cookies, the ginger twist in the chia pom-lime drink…the list just goes on!) See the list, then grab some MySeeds recipes to use the foods you find at

17 Cholesterol Lowering Foods: Chia’s On The List

Want some recipes right away that use these cholesterol lowering foods? You can have recipes instantly at your fingertips (don’t waste time searching around, grab them all at once) when you use MySeeds- Chia Seed Recipe Instant Booklet .

Fall Foods: A Time For Health!

September means fall with cooler weather…and the close of the colorful summer season of fruits and vegetables. You might think that it wouldn’t be as healthy, with so many things going out of season, but it’s time to take another look because many fall foods are also super-foods for your health!

Put down that pumpkin-spice latte and gear up for fall with the real power of these delicious super foods that seem to only appear every autumn, but should really be considered year-round.

No…not phony pumpkin flavoring syrup, but the real deal! This squash is a beta-carotene power house, packed with healthy fiber, mild flavor you can really work with, and is shockingly low in calories! (But it fills you up at the same time…) It’s so incredible that many people don’t believe it has only 30 calories per CUP. As long as you’re not packing it with sugar, canned pumpkin is good for you.
But does chia work with pumpkin? Absolutely! We’ve got an elegant light & airy pie to try, some super chia pumpkin puffy cookies with almonds, a pumpkin chia pancake, and loads of other pumpkin fun! (1)

Antioxidant-rich tart bright berries can liven up so many dishes. Don’t just reach for the juice (it’s been pasteurized, which means heated and that wrecks some of the nutrients) but pick up whole berries by the bag-full so you can enjoy exciting recipes. These need a little preparation, because they’re so tart you can’t just eat them plain. But once you get started you’ll just keep on discovering new fun ways to use them. Want a head start AND an amazing recipe? Use the article Consider The Cranberry

There are more kinds of apples than there are days in a year. They may not all be available in your grocery store, but fall brings out a lovely & colorful variety. Snap into fall by picking up this fiber rich fruit. There are also important flavonoids, antioxidant compounds and much more for your health in apples. So much, in fact, that this page has many apple related studies to read about Apple Health Benefits– – because it can’t all fit into just one post.
How about apple and chia? Of course! The versatile apple is featured in so many of our sweet and savory chia recipes. The caramel apple cranberry chia pie, the bright & fresh chia noodle bowl, our Happy Apple Chia Cookies, can’t forget the Apple Burger (it’s got chia mixed into the meat) or our crispy apple chia guacamole. (2)

Sweet Potatoes
(And yellow potatoes, purple potatoes, and even white potatoes) Root vegetables are another healthy fall staple. Mixing up the colors leads to intriguing dishes as the flavors of each potato are slightly different. Put away the marshmallows in regards to the sweet potato and enjoy favorites like Chia Sweet Potato Dip, the ‘potato-overload’ (it’s a meal in a potato!…Literally) learn what the crunch is in Pineapple Chia Crunch dinner, plus the creamy sweet potato savory chia soup. (If you can blend, you can serve this bright soup) (3)

What are these 1, 2, 3 numbers?
To let you know that if you like anything mentioned among those recipe titles there’s always a way to get it from MySeeds! To start, come on over to

And jump on our free Chia Recipe of the Month Club mailing list (where many of these recipes reside) then check out the Chia Cook Book area for more, and when you order MySeeds chia, you get an exclusive bonus recipe book instantly!

Vegetables For Breakfast: But Would You Eat It?

Recently, an article has been going around about “Vegetables for Breakfast”.
It seems like a great way to get your servings of veggies in, if instead of a bowl of sugary cereal, there was a veggie you could reach for in the morning. Of course, the article comes with some handy recipes to get you started. Naturally, here at MySeeds we’re always looking for tastier ways to eat healthy and we’ve got to check these out but…

Quickly the question of “Would you Actually Eat These” was raised.
Never even MIND the kids. You probably couldn’t get a kid to touch these breakfasts with a 10 foot slinky. So, to protect the article…there’s no link here, but let’s go over the recipes to investigate the healthy point at the end:

Brussels Sprouts Breakfast Hash:
Do you like these tiny cabbage relatives? That’s great, but even still, most people don’t want them at breakfast.

Colorful peppers stuffed with eggs-bake:
Hollow out a colorful & large pepper, add eggs & spinach shreds and bake in the oven. Sure pepper bits in a nice savory omelet are great, but is anyone really going to bake for breakfast on a weekday?

Have an asparagus-leek quiche……no?

Cabbage-Kale-Carrot Pancakes.
Although pancake is in the name, these are held together with mashed chickpeas. If you’re really into savory stuff and adore cabbage, these are a good idea. However, they’re still not an every-day food. And if you’re going to do veggies at breakfast, you likely want more than 1 day of the week.

The Lesson:
What makes a valuable breakfast?
1. It’s got to taste great! Something you look forward to, even on a Monday morning.
2. It’s got to be easy & fast! If you fear ‘running out of time’ you will…and the healthy breakfast won’t happen. Morning is the most rushed meal of the day.
3. It’s got to have part of your daily nutrition! Breakfast is often overlooked (skipped) or given a free pass with sweetened yogurts, high fructose corn syrup juices/jellies, or crammed with carbs that don’t do much (ex. a plain bagel)

So, these breakfasts have some valuable points, like the nutrition is good, but then if it takes too long, won’t keep all week, the kids won’t eat it, it “smells in the house”, or you just want something that tastes a little more like a traditional breakfast…they fall short. It’s a good idea in theory, but not quite in practice.

What do do? Give up?
No way! Get smart & get fun with your fruits & veggies in the morning. Savory’s great in an easy omelet, or our minute scrambles. (with your favorite vegetables mixed in) But what if you want chocolate? Or tasty fruits? That doesn’t mean vegetables are off the table…when you have MySeeds fast recipes for fun!

Put together the ingredients in your blender jar the night before & it’s Blend, Drink &Go in the morning when you have this chocolate drink!


Then, get lots of fiber & fruit with

This breakfast chia overnight oats!

And if you want a big chunk of your ‘daily value’ of many nutrients before most people even get started with their day…you need the big fruit flavor & easy blending ability of this super chia smoothie.

Vegetables don’t have to be savory, and breakfast doesn’t need to be complex to be tasty and healthy when you’ve got the right recipes at hand.


Pretty & Practical: Chia Fruit Ice Cubes

What’s a fun way to make an easy healthy drink that’s perfect for a hot summer day?
Chia Fruit Ice Cubes!
These cool cubes are a real flavor-enhancer for a healthier drink. Make them in fun shapes ice cube trays for an even prettier look. Here are strawberry-watermelon chia ice in squares & flowers, ready for a splash of your favorite clear beverage.


It’s a great way to skip the HFCS soda too!
Use sparkling water for the bubbles, add a splash of coconut water, drop in these fruit cubes, and you’re ready to chill. As the cubes melt, they change the flavor of the drink, and release the chia seeds which help you feel full. This drink is a great snack-replacement in the afternoon.

Why is it practical?
The fruit is blended smooth first, so when the shapes melt, you can still drink the whole glass–unlike whole frozen fruits or melon-balls which look beautiful, but won’t go up a straw or flavor the drink.

Easy Recipe for the ice:
1/2 cup watermelon cubes
1 strawberry
1 tsp dry MySeeds Chia seeds
1/4 cup coconut water

Place all ingredients in a mini chopper & give it a whirl until smooth. Pour into the ice-cube trays of your choice & freeze. The amount of cubes you get will depend on your ice molds.

Suggested Refreshing Sparkle Drink:
1 cup sparkling water
1/4 cup coconut water
Optional: Twist of lime juice

Coconut water & lime are great together, and having the drink slowly change from lime-coconut to watermelon is fun too. The fizz here is important, as it gives it a bubbly kick that appeals to kids of all ages & snack time as well. You won’t need sugary sodas when natural fruit & bubbles are at your fingertips with this simple & fun recipe for ice.


Grab your chia now to make these fun cubes! If you like the look of this recipe, you’ll love our bonuses. Find out more at

Use the Freezer to Save Money?

What’s the most money saving appliance in your kitchen?
It could be the freezer! …If you’re using it to freeze all the things you can/should. The fridge is good too…but not everything belongs in it.  (Did you know? Putting your tomatoes in the fridge can help them to lose their flavor)

Why & what to freeze?
Are your Bananas getting too spotty? Quick, peel them & wrap each one in plastic wrap. Put them in the freezer & they’re good for weeks! Good for what? Smoothies, sorbets, overnight oats, vegan ‘ice cream’ base…basically anything where the banana goes into the blender.
The freezer saves your produce from going bad in many instances.
Cut Ginger Root into chunks & wrap well. It won’t get mold & you can still grate or chop it later.
Citrus Zest– Going to use an orange or a fresh lemon? Zest it first! Put the zest into a small plastic bag & freeze it to use later. You’ll need more than usual when you use frozen zest, but it’s still very useful.
Frustrated by short Berry shelf life? If your berries or cherries are about to go bad or you fear mold, the freezer will take care of them. They’re still super in frozen pies, smoothies or to turn into no-cook chia jam.
Want a snack? Put Grapes into the freezer until solid. They turn into an icy sweet snack to lift up an afternoon mood.
Smoothie Greens – Save time & money when making green smoothies by freezing your leaves. Spinach, kale, & collard all go easily from freezer to blender.
How about seasonal-only Cranberries? Enjoy them all year in recipes like our cran-pomegranate chia Panini when you freeze a whole bag!
Tomato Puree…sometimes you don’t need the whole container at once. Portion out the rest onto waxed paper, freeze & use when you need it. (Like in our Chia Spicy Bow-Tie Pasta skillet dinner!)

By looking over foods and knowing what to freeze you can save money & waste less by tossing it into the freezer instead of the garbage. Melons of all sorts, mango, kiwi, and pineapple, are all nicely preserved in the freezer. Pineapple is fairly unique though…it keeps its texture well when frozen, unlike other items such as blueberries, strawberries or melons. By using the freezer & blender together you can save money, time, waste less, and enjoy healthier food all year around.

But what shouldn’t go in the fridge or freezer?
Apples, pears, whole tomatoes, citrus fruits, and…several items in this quick & lively video that explains why items need to stay out of the cold. What shouldn’t you refrigerate?


Periodic Table of Protein: Wired Talks Chia

Did you read the latest issue of Wired Magazine?
It’s July’s food-highlighting issue & Chia seeds are on their “Periodic Table of Protein”. This issue aims to bring science and nutrition together to give people an idea of how & why certain foods have benefits as well as illustrating what to eat. This issue’s also full of other nifty stuff like heirloom plant variety benefits, and “power bowls” for different effects like the “Bone Builder” or the “Blood Booster” or the “Beautifier” (The last one is a meal bowl you can put together to enhance skin health)

But what about this Periodic Protein?
It’s a table of all the different (common and uncommon) foods that have a good level of protein. As the elements get “heavier” (as in, where the more dense elements would be on the regular table) the protein levels go up. So chia is a lot higher than something like Nutella.

The list is useful too…because it lets you know what you WOULDNT want to eat to get protein. A side of locusts with your burger? A jellyfish in your smoothie? No one wants to say yes to mealworm mixes. Even some of the shellfish aren’t going to go over too well, like abalone or squid dinners. However, it’s important to mention these sources of protein as they’re more environmentally friendly than say…cows. (It’s easier to raise a locust than it is a cow)

Even Soylent (the “all-nutrients drink”…it’s the only food you need) is on this list.
Yes it IS named after the famous movie ‘food’, but it’s not made of the same stuff. What the article doesn’t mention though, is the versatility of chia. You can’t hide most of these other items in a popsicle and have kids ask for it as a snack. Fish is good for you…but eating it every day may not be on the menu. The chia seed is the seed you need when you want easy, flavor-free protein to mix into an almost infinite variety of foods you already like…it’s simple to eat every day and never get bored!

Want to see the table?
Check out the protein sources and

Wired Periodic Table of Protein

Because when food & science get together…the menu gets interesting.