An Apple vs. A Legacy of Greed: Will You Lose?

A strange headline…
For a strange time in history! If you’re interested in futurism, food health, and controversy…this is a post for you! And it was all started by a single apple, a man with a plan and some disappointing facts. You can go “in depth” with a big article link at the bottom too…it includes apple photos & more!

The apple in question: Arctic Apple (There are something like 500+ types of apple anyway)
The disappointing fact: Most of the time in the USA & Europe more fresh foods (fruits veggies) get thrown out rather than eaten because they either go bad for real or LOOK like they went bad.
The man with a plan: Neal Carter

It’s obvious that throwing away tons of produce is 100% terrible.
There are starving people who can’t get it. It ruins the environment to grow/weed kill/water all this food just to throw it out and have to make more. Throwing out LESS food is always ideal. So of course, the question of ‘how to stop doing that’ is the one to answer.

Neal Carter: Apple Expert
He grows apples, and is an apple expert who cares about the environment and food waste. The apple, with it’s very obvious ability to turn brown, shriveled and terrible looking soon after being sliced into is the clear choice to start with when trying to grow something that doesn’t GO bad or LOOK bad. (Because remember: looking bad is AS BAD AS going bad! Nobody’s going to buy something that looks bad, and that will never change. The stats are in, whether or not anyone agrees…that poorly looking veg is going in the dumpster) So you pair an obvious easy-choice 1st fruit with that fruit’s expert and get:

The Arctic Apple
(Arctic because the interior is white and it stays that way)

The Legacy of Greed:
When anyone hears the word “GMO” the ONLY thing that comes to mind is the legacy of greed that’s currently behind them. People scream ‘poison’! and ‘fear’! as soon as it’s heard because of what certain companies did with it at the very start: unquestionably bad things!

Ruining people’s jobs
Putting farmers out of business
Monopolizing seeds to force people to pay crazy prices
Sending ‘seed police’ around just in case some errant nature pollinated something it shouldn’t have (as if all of nature is under control always–or could be!)
Tried to make crops NOT healthier…but poison resistant to save money while ignoring the environment
Ignoring nutritional needs on purpose: quantity over quality always
Bullying, intimidation, monopolizing, pressuring, etc…

This was literal-cartoon-villain mustache-twirling wacky level of bad.
Of COURSE nobody will agree with the agenda when it contains such clear levels of villainous plots and disregard for everything except cash at the clear expense of everyone and every thing else. No one’s going to argue that any of the above is somehow ‘good’.

So you can use GMO to be terrible to nature, consumers & growers.
It is a tool, and like every single tool ever, you can use it for good OR bad. However, it’s a bad start because it’s super costly to use and the only really stand-out people to use it have been up to provable, documented, no-good a majority of the time. However, the worst thing to come out of all of it has been the real big specter of doom that nobody actually talks about:

Discussion Shut Down = Stop Trying
It’s extremely dangerous to shut down discussion. It’s equally dangerous to say “stop trying”. Just because a scalpel was used to stab someone, doesn’t mean all knives are bad & people should stop trying to operate or do surgery. You can use rare earth metals to poison people or make electronics that are safe to use. EVERY-thing depends on how you use it whether it’s good or bad. GMO was used to bully & make something unhealthy in the past. It is time to move forward, be transparent, talk about it, understand it, and start benefiting from it. “Stop Trying” is not the environmental option.

Back to the apple:
There’s an enzyme that is released when any apple is cut that turns it brown & makes people throw it away. He switched off its “cut” trigger mechanism. That’s it. Should every apple have it turned off? No. Should every apple be the same? No! That’s the point of variety & the apple is the poster-fruit of variety with more that 500 kinds that people made on purpose specifically to GET variety.

How You Can Lose:
Saying no to everything just because someone was bad in the past means you pass up all chances for something positive as well
Listening to fearmongers who don’t understand: Bashing without understanding never got anybody anywhere positive
Not doing your own research & making up your own mind
By stopping trying or trying to stop others from doing something that could be positive: Remember ALL things can be positive OR negative. You have to work at them to make outcomes you want that aren’t dangerous…and remember “danger” here is destroying the environment RIGHT NOW ANYWAY with tons of food waste, non-nutritious food & starving people. It is not a phantom danger somewhere in the future that can be avoided by sitting & doing nothing/changing nothing. It is already here and people are trying to make in-roads against it.

If this topic interests you, or you want to try that Arctic Apple there’s big article you should surely read at: Arctic Apple .

Thanksgiving Breakfast: Chia Overnight Cran-Apple Oatmeal

What does everyone think about this time of year?
Why, the big Thanksgiving dinner feast…and sometimes dessert. So, while others give away loads of dinner sides and salads and sweet-potato items we’ll instead give away something super different: Thanksgiving Breakfast.

What should it involve?
It’s got to be quick.
After all, this is usually a busy day.
It’s got to be good for you.
Because you need energy and a head-start with something healthy so you don’t feel too bad about an unhealthy choice later.
It’s got to taste great.
This is a holiday! Great flavors should abound.
It’s got to be seasonal.
There are so many great fall flavors, having them at the breakfast table is a sure bet.

When you put all these ideas together you get…Chia Cran-Apple Almond Overnight Oatmeal! A hearty fiber-packed grain, oats power your day…but they’re bland on their own so a tablespoon of almond butter & a touch of agave (and cinnamon if you want!) power them up with flavor.
*Remember, overnight oats are smooth & creamy. This isn’t some boring oatmeal textured scoop.

The topping: Cranberries & apples are basically the ‘fruits of fall’. Put them together with a touch of orange & chia and you’ve got a bright snappy red topping to go on your oat cups. Apple/almond & cranberry/almond are also good flavor combinations so everything’s pretty much harmonious here.

Looks Tasty…is Quick! (in the morning, just blend & top)


This recipe was released to our Facebook Fans at MySeeds Chia Facebook

Mild nutty oats mixing with tangy cran-apple topping in every bite is a great way to have breakfast any day of this upcoming holiday weekend. The link above has the recipe & instructions (everythings’ prepared the night before, so morning time is easy)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving 2016 from MySeeds!

Friendsgiving Holiday- Chia Eating Ideas

Heard of “Freindsgiving”?
It’s like Thanksgiving…but with your friends! Sometimes family is too far away, or not everyone can make it to the big dinner due to work, school, distance or other reasons. But you still want to celebrate with good fun and tasty food…what do you do? Hold a “Friendsgiving” dinner instead! Everyone can bring something they’re good at, and the meal can be put together by the attendees, rather than 1 person doing all the work. Less work? More fun? More fun foods? Sounds like a good idea!

Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving: You NEED PIE!
Don’t like pumpkin? Sweetpotato off the table? Think outside the crust with Better For You Burgers & Surprising Pies the Chia seed fueled kindle ebook. It downloads instantly and is loaded with colorful photos so you can pick your pie well before the holiday. It’s packed with cool, hot, and chilled alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving pies. Mix and match the crust recipes, then serve up some fun with ideas like:

Beautiful light & fluffy frozen Raspberry Hearts pie (Looks elegant, is easy!)
Caramel Apple Cranberry Pie
Pumpkin fluffy mousse pie (for a twist on the traditional)
North Pole Chocolate Frozen Pie (with the crispy crust secret)
Mini pies
Keylime Chocolate mini pies

And many more. You can even get a preview of it over at Amazon, OR get it for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited user. Check it out now at Chia Pie Ideas!

What about side-dish or main-dish ideas?
If you want to shake things up the vegetarian way, there are plenty of ideas at Cookie&Kate , and it’s still early enough to do a ‘trial run’ of the dish before the big day. It’s always a good idea to select something you’ve made before at least once, to bring to a holiday meal–that way you’ll already know it turns out tasty. There are 20 Vegetarian Thanksgiving ideas to look over. Of course, our Chia Cook Books have vegetarian ideas too.

Of course, we’ll have our annual Facebook Friends chia Thanksgiving recipe give-away too where we come up with a special NEW idea for a recipe and release it before the holiday so that anyone who wants to, can use it.

Would You Eat A Rhizome? & Why!

Would YOU eat a rhizome?
Should you eat one?

You should…and you probably have already.
But, what’s a rhizome, anyway?
It is a special sort of under-ground stem of a plant. It’s not a root & doesn’t preform root functions. It’s a generally horizontally growing, thick underground stem and includes things you’ve probably already eaten such as…ginger! And turmeric.

As the weather cools down and the holiday season approaches, thoughts turn to ginger in gingerbread, warm ginger tea for a cold day, cookies, pies and more that use this healthy rhizome as a great flavor addition. It’s important to know why certain things are good for you, as well as good for flavor. Ginger is an inflammation fighter, helps with digestion, and “gingerols” (special compounds only in ginger) fight gas in the intestines. Ginger can also help ease a sore throat, fight motion-sickness for some people, and relieve arthritis pain (because of its anti-inflammatory nature) in others.

Ginger Tip: You can freeze it so it won’t get moldy & grate it later

How about turmeric?
This bright yellow rhizome has curcumin, the powerful anti-oxidant liver-helper. Your liver is your body’s powerful toxin cleanser. It’s hard at work every day filtering out the byproducts of energy production and digestion, as well as tiny hazards encountered as a part of daily living. Curcumin gives it a boost of nutrition.

Curcumin vs Cumin
They’re both good for you: but don’t mix these up. Curcumin comes from turmeric, Cumin comes from the Cumin Seed & is a spice. Curcumin is just the name of a substance in the turmeric rhizome. It is not its only source of flavor or color. Each one has different benefits for you, although sometimes they’re used together in spice mixtures such as curry. (There are about a zillion different types of curry–so you’ll encounter hot, sweet, savory, some with only cumin, others heavy in turmeric and more. It can be an exciting journey of flavors & dishes.)

*Don’t like turmeric? It’s got a strong flavor. What if you don’t want curry every day? Don’t worry…you can get this in a capsule format! It’s got anti-inflammatory power similar to ibuprofen (but without its side effects) so picking up some rhizome-packed capsules could be a good idea.

Want another refreshing use for ginger rhizome?
Try the Chia Pomegranate Lime Twist drink! It’s a quick make-at-home drink that you can use to replace soda. When you add chia, it even fills you up, so you don’t want a snack.

The more you know about different foods…the more you can enjoy good nutrition & good taste! Chia Infographics & Recipe Graphics

We’re on now! is a visual learning site where you can find infographics on everything from new words to learn, to health tips, to business help. If you enjoy visual learning or just want some cool tips, it’s a good idea to explore this site. Of course, we’ve got a graphic prepared that fits right in.

What are the specific ways you can use chia seeds to lose weight?
This infographic list shows you the top 10, and tells you how to use them. Try at

Top 10 Ways To Lose Weight With Chia

But, what’s this about “Recipe Graphics?
A recipe graphic is  a new format of recipe, where a simple-enough recipe is represented with pictures, instructions, steps and arrows in a single graphic. Some people on pinterest are trying them out. It’s fairly convenient to see quickly at-a-glance if it’s something you’d like to make. However, it’s not that convenient if you wanted to print it out for use later in the kitchen. This is, of course, no problem for people with kitchen tablets or something–but not everybody has one of those. So, we’re not sure yet about this recipe graphic trend. Will we try it? Sure. But it’s not on the hot list exactly, unless it really starts taking off.



Halloween Dinner! Black Magic Noodles

Around Halloween…the candy, cookies, cakes & pies all come out to play!
And, while Halloween sweets are lots of fun on the big day, you’ve got to be able to have a healthy dinner, too. After all, partying, trick or treating & generally scaring up some fun requires energy. But, aside from those wacky ‘mummy hot dogs’ most people are at a loss for something spooky AND savory on the big day. Well, here’s a super solution that gives lots of protein for energy!

It’s the “Black Magic” Chia Lemon Noodle Plate!
It’s a spectacle with the unusual black noodles & orange sweet potato bites. Everyone’s surprised when the noodles come out this spooky gray/black color…but is it artificial flavoring? No way! These are a NEW noodle style: the ‘black bean pasta’. Noodles made with beans are much, much higher in protein than normal ones. They’re also rich in fiber…and things only get healthier when you’ve got MySeeds Chia in the creamy lemon sauce.

Take a look at what you can make


Plus, this dish is versatile too. Substitute snow peas for the broccoli, or butternut squash for the sweet potato. Want to go vegetarian? You can skip the chicken breast pieces & add more hearty mushrooms instead. (They’re ghostly-white) The noodle plate comes together fairly quickly as well, so you’ll still have plenty of time left for trick or treating.

Test Kitchen:
We’re testing again! This time it’s “Explore Cuisine Black Bean Noodles”. This is a new product in your pasta aisle & it’s worth a shot. The noodles aren’t gummy, dense or overpowering in flavor. They’re VERY dark in the package, but lighten a bit when cooked. They’re still dark enough though, to be the spectacle you need for Halloween night.

These NEED to be served HOT. Don’t apply these noodles to cold pasta salads. Don’t let the dinner cool off. When served hot, they work very well…cooling them changes the texture.

Want to make this dish for yourself?
We’re giving away the recipe only at our MySeeds Chia Facebook Page. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

You Can’t Get This in a Box Mix!

We don’t have anything against box-mix baking.
After all, a test kitchen’s got to try everything! Box mixes are a good indicator of flavors people are craving at the time/season. They’re a great source of ideas. Box mixes are also a good way to introduce novice bakers to baking, or to have something quick on a busy night. But, box mixes can’t do everything…

Which is where MySeeds chia recipes come in!
We like to bake up goodies that just can’t be made from a mix. But what would stop them? For starters: fresh fruit.

An ideal demonstration candidate is the Happy Apple Spice Chia Cookie.
This cookie has lots of autumn seasonings and two colors of apple…plus apple juice concentrate for total apple taste! It’s not a mix’s fault that fresh fruit can’t be included in the package. But when you’re chopping up fresh red and green apples to stir into the spice-cookie batter, the whole kitchen will smell wonderful. Fresh fruit is an awesome addition to lots of cookies and cakes…but the catch is, you’ll have to make them with a from-scratch recipe.

Just look at these puffy, fruity cookies:


There are apple pieces in every bite…and that’s not even getting to the optional selection of chopped nuts you can add. When you’re not worried about shelf-life, you can have all the flavors you want!

*This recipe is available on our MySeeds Chia Recipe of the Month Club mailer. If you’d like to get it, and many others come on over and subscribe! It’s free & always will be.

Nothing beats the taste of real fruit:
Sure, there are ‘fruit flavored pellets’ in those “EZ Muffins” but they don’t hold up to biting into a warm chia muffin with bright raspberries baked right in. It’s the freshness of the fruit that brings you both the health benefits and the great flavors. We’re always looking to combine fantastic flavor with a lower fat, higher fiber better-for-you choice when we are creating chia seed recipes.

Shelf life doesn’t matter…when it’s at home with you:
Preservatives, shelf life, spoiling fruit…none of that is needed when you’re baking at home. You can use fresh ingredients like chopped apples, nuts, or ripe berries that wouldn’t even keep a week on a shelf. You’re not limited like those box guys are, so take advantage of the fresh ingredients at your fingertips & have some fun!

Recipe Improvement: Frozen Strawberry Chia Pie

What happens if we release a recipe…
And then find out later a better way to make it?
Well…this is the MySeeds Test Kitchen after all, so of course we improve & then re-release the recipe so everyone can get the maximum enjoyment. We’re not afraid to say when we make things that can be improved, and the case of the Frozen Strawberry Chia pie is an excellent example.

Sure, the original pie was good…or it wouldn’t have gotten into the Recipe of the Month Club Mailer. However, it wasn’t as good as it could be, so now with some new ingredients & a new method or two, we’re giving this one an overhaul. It’s still got the same super strawberry flavor (maybe even more now!) but it looks better than ever.

Previous recipe:
Pro: Crust always stays crispy thanks to cool chocolate method
Con: Pie freezes too hard in certain freezers/becomes impossible to cut into
Pro: Frozen strawberries let you make it any time of the year
Con: Used a lot of dairy
Con: Pie looked pretty plain/average

New recipe:
Well, see for yourself!


It’s got 2 layers of strawberry goodness: a sorbet layer on the bottom & fluffy meringue-like layer on the top. The chocolate-crust method is still in full effect, and the sorbet layer is super easy to make. (Can you blend? You can do it!) There are 2 ingredients here that keep it smooth & creamy so it won’t freeze super hard/you should always be able to cut into the pie with relative ease.
The fluffy layer adds some sophistication, and there’s no dairy here. (Then what’s the secret of this fluff?) The only dairy in the pie now is the plain yogurt.

Want to make this pie?
The only way to get it is by jumping on the MySeeds free Chia Recipe of the Month Club mailer. This mailer dispenses 1 all-new recipe every month for as long as you like. It’s always free, never repeats, and is packed with great chia ideas.

But what if you already got the ‘old’ recipe?
Just let us know! Drop us a line from the email at MySeeds , and we’ll have a link to this recipe ready for your in-box. Now it’s a real can’t-miss, don’t let this recipe slip by if you enjoy the taste of bright, sweet strawberry!

Chia as a Co-Star? Why Not, in Pumpkin Season

Everyone knows that Pumpkin is the star of the show in October.
Everything from ever-popular pumpkin spice to the glowing jack o lantern is here to showcase fall festivities with this giant orange gourd. There are a lot of things to like about pumpkin, so it’s easy to see why it’s October’s go-to food. It’s mild, it’s healthy, and there’s a lot you can do with it, both sweet and savory. The bright orange color also helps, as does canned pumpkin making it so easy & appealing to use.

But how do you know something’s on the way up?
If it can co-star with the powerhouse food of the month…and chia is doing just that in this list of 5 Pumpkin Desserts to Crave This Fall. Each has the photo and recipe for you to try. There are parfaits, muffins & pumpkin pie flavored overnight chia oats. (This is smooth and creamy with your favorite pumpkin pie spices! It’s not a pudding, but a delicious breakfast)

Pumpkin is great for you:
It has an amazingly low calorie count per cup, holds its nutrition well during heating for canning, is high in fiber & loaded with carotenoids. You can use it to make certain baked goods lower in fat, much like you can substitute out some butter/oil with chia gel. It also helps fill you up because of the high fiber content. So, unlike the ‘hot dog of summer’ (hotdogs are traditionally not so good for you) the pumpkin is a welcome addition to the healthy table for fall.

Remember the Beyond Meat “Best Burger” MySeeds Test Kitchen post?
Well, Tyson Foods Meats must also see merit in these protein alternatives as it’s just been revealed that they’re investing in Beyond Meat too! As the burgers fly off the shelves, and reports say that more & more families are choosing a protein alternative at least 1 night per week, it seems like a real good investment. Remember: chia is a protein alternative too! It has complete protein like that found in meat, plus the omega 3 healthy oils of fish…but without the fishy flavor. Chia makes protein at breakfast easier, while these burgers are super for serving at dinner. Want to know more about the investment? The New York Times as the article on protein alternatives & it’s good stuff.


Going “Beyond Meat” With the Beast Burger

MySeeds Test Kitchen…tests again!
This time we’re going “Beyond Meat” with the Beyond Meat company’s “Beast Burger”. They say it’s the meatiest meat-free burger you can buy. But is it true? The MySeeds Kitchen decided to find out…the chia seed way.

What’s a burger without toppings?
Meaty or not, a burger is generally able to be enhanced with toppings. When we tried the Beast Burger, we wanted to have it plain, with some of the usual (tomato, lettuce) add mustard, ketchup…the usual stuff. Then, once you’ve had a taste you can think of what else might be good with it. In this case, a seasoned chia guacamole seemed to be the right pick. (Though, it did get hidden under the patty in the photo) We opted for sandwich-thins to be carb-conscious, and so as not to interfere with the burgers’ flavor by having too much bread.

So how was it?
First, take a look!beyondmeatburger
It looks meaty.
This product is in the frozen foods section. You get 2 burgers per box, they’re quarter-pounders though, so the size is pretty big/generous. They also have sliders made of the same recipe, but we opted for the burger for the true experience. These were also somewhat difficult to get. Whole Foods is the only retailer we can find to carry it, and they seem to sell out frequently. So get this when you see it!

It’s a tad costly: For 2 patties (that’s 1 box with 2 of these in there) it’s a little under 5 dollars. However, all new products tend to cost more than old staples, so it’s pretty much expected. If you’re a new vegetarian who’s hankering for beef…pick this up.

Upon opening the package, you can find ‘grill lines’ which is also encouraging. To cook, you can heat them in an oiled pan or press them in your counter-top grill. They also work on outdoor grills. (They DO live up to this! Many things that say they do end up falling apart on a real grill, but these are quite solid patties)

The best cooking method: Outdoor grilling
Whether you like charcoal or prefer propane, outdoor grills impart a flavor you can’t get anywhere else.

Method seen here: Indoor grilling
Indoor grilling works fine, the patties don’t get soggy or stick down to the grill plates. Notice the sheen on the patty–that’s a bit of oil. And you NEED oil! Plant oils in this case help with the flavor & texture. If everything’s’ free of oil or fats its dry and poor.

It DOES taste meaty.
Is it going to fool a carnivore? No. The texture is good, it’s not rubbery or falling apart like some veggie burgers. There’s definite umami going on here, and it has a good chew. It does not taste precisely like meat, but it does taste good & mild. You’ll want toppings though, it’s not “Beefy” enough to go without something extra to spice it up…but when you do…! It’s good stuff.
Here you can see a little lettuce, thin slice tomato, thin sliver cucumber and the chia guac under it all. You may not quite be able to regard it as ‘meat’, but you sure CAN regard it as a tasty dinner option anyway. If it’s not in the meat niche, it can be in it’s own area of tastiness with bbq sauce, guac, cheese, salsa, or anything you can think of. But you will certainly want to dress it up because it IS mild.

It’s costly, it’s umami, it IS the meatiest meat-free burger we’ve had and Beyond Meat is well on their way to success with this–especially if this particular item selling out multiple times is any indication. Try it? Yes! Go for it & then whip up some easy chia toppings to spice it up!